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Specialised in engineering and contracting services for all industrial applications of water cooling towers. Since 1982, our company has focused exclusively on the production of water cooling towers.

YolYapı Cooling Towers

Advanced technology, international experience, international quality.

Yolyapı considers the different needs and operating conditions of each customer when designing water cooling towers. First of all, Yolyapı provides an engineering service and offers its customers suggestions that will provide ease of operation and maintenance. After delivering the water cooling tower that will fully meet the needs of the company in a short time, it guarantees customer satisfaction with services such as periodic maintenance, repairs and spare parts.

  • 01
    Low Energy Consumption

    Energy consumption and maintenance costs are very low.

  • 02
    Long Lasting

    Operating life is much longer than other domestic brands.

  • 03
    High Efficiency Operation

    Increases efficiency as it fully meets the cooling need.

  • 04
    Affordable Spare Parts

    Spare parts supply is much more economical than imported products.

  • 05
    Maintenance & Service

    No matter which brand or model your tower is, maintenance and service is available anywhere in the world.

Knowledge Bank

What are Cooling Towers?
Cooling towers are structures designed to provide cooling water to industrial facilities of various purposes and sizes. It can be of different sizes; There are towers reaching 100 meters in diameter and 120 meters in height.
How does a cooling tower work?
As the water meets the air, heat is extracted from the moving water stream thereby reducing the water temperature significantly and evaporating a small portion of the water. The cooled water is collected in the cold water basin of the tower and sent to the operation. As a result of the evaporation of the water, the air whose humidity is increased (close to the saturation rate) is released into the atmosphere from the fan stack at the top of the tower.
What are the Cooling Tower Prices?
While determining the cooling tower prices, the most important factor is the size of the tower. Considering that the amount of fill, FRP material, water distribution system and the size of the fan are usually proportianal to the size of the tower, it is possible that the cost and therefore the price will increase.
What are the Types of Cooling Towers?
Cooling towers are used in many industrial areas. For this reason, the type varies according to the purpose of use and working principles.
The towers are listed below according to their working environment, capacity and working logic.
What are the Differences between Chillers and Cooling Towers?
The chiller rejects heat from the cooler, using the air around the system or water as the coolant before it is transferred to the environment. In water-cooled chillers, the water required for cooling and condensing water is provided by a cooling tower.
What are the fields of use?
Shopping malls

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Yolyapı, which has been producing cooling towers since 1982, is ready to produce the most suitable water cooling tower solution for your company / facility with our expert team. Ask for a quote right away.